Prayer Requests for Camp 2023

Ronny Roman — healing of his right arm.
Physical needs
Teenage girl ran away, involved with drugs.
Kendall Straight —recovery from surgery
Unsaved loved ones
Ruth Huffman — cancer
Sis. Dale Chapman — Guillain Barre syndrome & three infections
Dr. Paul Kaufman in the loss of his wife.
Stephen and Nicole Cassady—physical concerns.
Unsaved brother who is an alcoholic.
Ruth Vernon recovery from shoulder surgery.
Patrick Mills
Michael Eavey — kidney failure
A lady going through much stress for strength she needs.
Kristen Burley & Erick — unsaved
Michael Jones — returned to drugs
All those involved in drugs.
Young couple — need to be saved.
Unsaved nephew living in sin.
John Weaver — Needing stents put in.
Alonzor Wilson
Daughter, Mari, type 1 diabetic, healing in legs and feet
Tirzah Booth, 8 yr old major heart surgery (her 4th one)
Dennis Wayne Carter—kidney failure
Clifford Kempa — foot infection diabetic
Nancy Weidenbener Post (Chattanooga, TN) — metastatic cancer
30 year old son committed suicide leaving behind wife & 3 children.
Praise: Donna Rogers — possible stroke (did not have one)
Pastor Simmons — God provide his own home
Edsel Trouten — nursing and rehab facility
Patrick (ncarcerated) to stay strong in His faith. His wife and family need God’s help.
Timothy Varner and Sarah
Family from the loss of Larry Sonnefeld
Ethan Holsapple — Indiana
Father of 4 children suffers from OCD, is in terrible bondage, affecting his family.
4 children (girls) & 5 grandchildren lost in sin.
My son, Ezra, healing soul & body.
34 year old — heart failure/liver problem
Jerry Bell and wife —- recovery from car wreck.
Ty, Craig and family to be saved.
Danville Holiness Church starting a new bus ministry.
Dr. Mark Smith — physical recovery
Dr.Smith’s mother — in ICU
Samantha and Bradly — unsaved
Charlene Owens — cancer
Traveling mercies on a single person traveling home.
Safety and help for Rachel & Carson going to Thailand to pass out tracts—near to Vietnam.
Shelley, Kim , Ryan and families to be saved.
Physical needs of lady in Kentucky.
Jim Cargile—salvation, deliverance from addictions
Amaris Cunningham & Allen — salvation
Roger Coleman — serious heart surgery on Monday
4 unsaved daughters & 8 grandchildren unsaved.

Joe Ingram and family
Mary— deliverance from addiction
Bonnie Cleaver—bad cough and very sore eyes
Anxiety problem and nerves
Scott Heskett
Bryan Denniwitz
Trina and Doug Witham

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